Portfolio and Presentation Mentoring Programme

Portfolio and Presentation Mentoring Programme

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Date: By Appointment

Type: Private Tutoring

Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

The aim of these tutoring sessions is to help equip student and new graduates in the production and presentation of professional portfolios. The programme can be tailored towards the needs of the individual student/graduate whether applying for college, university, artist residencies or preparing for exhibition.

These sessions are designed to advise and help select artwork that best represents yourself whilst meeting the criteria of the individual placement. It seeks to teach presentation skills including professional mounting and labelling of work for both portfolio and exhibition display.

For those wishing to make their portfolio stand out, I can also offer optional extra classes in bookbinding, printmaking and design.

The sessions are run at a Special Student/Graduate Price of only £10/hr or £4/hr each for a group session. To book Private Tutoring please use the contact form found by following the link on the footer of the page.