When the Blackbird Sings (SECONDS)
When the Blackbird Sings (SECONDS)

When the Blackbird Sings (SECONDS)

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These prints have been discounted due to a little ink smudging when printing. They are also both ever so slightly overinked though this is barely noticeable.

This linocut print was created during a socially distanced workshop in lockdown 2020. It was created very organically by cutting straight into the lino and 'drawing' with the gouges rather than doing a proper preparatory study first.

  • Printed on 310gsm South Bank Smooth, a heavyweight printmaking paper.
  • Waterbased Schminke printmaking inks and Caligo Safewash inks have been used to keep the printing process chemical free and environmentally friendly.
  • The paper size measures 10 x 16 cm which is the perfect size for posting as a gift.
  • This print has been printed as a multiplate linocut with two separate inkings and is part of an Open Edition and has been signed and numbered by the artist.
  • Due to the handmade nature of the printing process every print has slight variations making each unique.